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Tummy Tuck
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Tummy Tuck Surgery (also known as Abdominoplasty) is a procedure that tightens the stomach muscles and removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal region. Tummy Tuck Surgery can also help to eliminate stretch marks. Our tummy tuck team has produced some of the most amazing results with this procedure.

The length of the surgery is dependent upon the extent of the procedure. Our office can complete most Tummy Tuck surgery procedures within two to four hours. In a complete tummy tuck surgery an incision is made from hipbone to hipbone, the underlying muscles are tightened and the skin is pulled down and excess skin is removed. If necessary, the belly button is repositioned. A partial or mini abdominoplasty is also an option for patients who want a less extensive procedure.

Tummy tuck surgery is not used as a means to weight loss. Individuals considering abdominoplasty should be individuals in good health who simply want to address stubborn fatty pockets in the abdominal region.

Tummy Tuck Surgery is considered major surgery and Dr. R. Morgan Davoudi devotes a considerable amount of time to patient education and communication to ensure that his patients are fully informed about their procedures.

In most cases, women considering Tummy Tuck Surgeryshould not be considering additional pregnancies, or they may have the need for a second procedure to tighten the belly. In many cases, a tummy tuck does help rid of stretch marks because it removes most of the "stretched out" skin below the navel.

During an abdomioplasty procedure, Dr. Davoudi makes an incision that extends from hip to hip along the lower pubic area. A skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Davoudi makes this incision so that the resulting scar is hidden under a bathing suit or by undergarments. Dr. Davoudi then lifts the loose skin off of the abdominal wall, and tightens and repairs the loosened "rectus" muscles, the muscles that normally give the abdomen its strength, achieving the effect that an old fashioned girdle would.

The umbilicus or "belly button" is disconnected from the abdomen, and reattached after the loose skin is removed. Dr. Davoudi not only tightens the abdominal wall, but also pulls up and tightens the thighs and the buttocks. Drains will be inserted into each side of your abdomen to remove excess fluid as it accumulates following surgery.

During Mini Abdominoplasty, Dr. Davoudi makes an incision that generally spans only the width of the pubic area, and that is similar to a C section incision. In both procedures, patients with excessive fat in the hips and flanks may have liposuction in these areas to contour them, but not in the areas of the abdomen that are being stretched because this could cause damage to the blood circulation in those areas, leading to scarring or even skin loss.

The result of a tummy tuck is an abdomen that is tight and flat, a waist that is narrow and curvy and thighs and buttocks that are firmer.

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