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Directions from Villa Rica Georgia

Posted by admin on January 8, 2018

Directions from Norcross Georgia

Posted by admin on January 5, 2018

Directions from Suwanee Georgia

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Directions from Johns Creek Georgia

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5 Things To Do In Atlanta GA

Posted by admin on December 27, 2017

Apart from calling Atlanta a sightseer’s dream, the city is also known as a commercial hub. The city is a home to special entertainment centers such as Fox Theater, scenic green places like Piedmont Park, zoo exhibitions and much more. However, there are other amazing things to do in the city as well.

Centennial Olympic Park:

The Centennial Olympic Park is an amazing place to visit while in Atlanta. It is located between the CNN Center and the Georgia Aquarium. This twenty-one-acre of land display fountains, pools, artwork and lush routes of grass. The emanation of this lovely park became a reality due to the 1996 Olympic Games. This park is currently one of the most visited sections of the city. The two hundred and fifty-one water jets of the Fountain Rings remain one of the most remarkable features of the park.

Zoo Atlanta:

The panda population has remained the most unique feature that separates the Atlanta zoo from other wildlife locations. In the United States of America, the zoo in this city is among the 4 locations where you can find huge pandas. Guests from different nations often like to visit the city just to see big bears population. Another important thing about this zoo is that you can also find a variety of other species of wildlife. Guests can also find reptiles, zebras, black rhinos, giraffes and even lions. A rock climbing wall, a carousel, a miniature train and a host of other recreations games can be found on the zoo.

World of Coca-Cola:

For people who like the most well-known drink in the globe, then the World of Coca-Cola is a place to visit. The classic location can be easily found near the Georgia Aquarium. One amazing thing about this elegant attraction is that it’s only designed for Coke. The historical milestones of Coca-Cola start by visiting the two-level property. This is due to Coca-Cola’s role in the bottling process and its role in the pop world. In North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, people can find over one hundred different varieties of Coke.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Center:

A visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center will help you follow the model of one of the most important personality in the US history. The civil right leader called Martin Luther King Jr. birthplace is located in the historic site. Visitors will also see the church where King displayed his pastoral strength. Nonviolent Social Change is another area that can be found next to Martin Luther King’s grave.

Atlanta History Center:

The Atlanta History Center is located in Buckhead. This is one of the most well-known sectors of the city. The facility is also designed across thirty-three acres of land, where people can feed their eyes with amazing structures. Through trails, gardens, historic homes and comprehensive exhibitions, this unique center tries to display Georgia’s previous glory. The Atlanta History Museum remains the key feature of the center. The museum will help you discover the life of Native American culture and the region’s history.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Posted by admin on January 3, 2014

When you envision a patient going in for breast reduction surgery, you almost always picture a female. This is not a surprise since many of the patients who opt for this type of procedure are women. However, male breast reduction surgery is something that exists as well. It operates in a very similar fashion. The patient goes in to have his breasts reduced. The reasons for doing so might be similar to different from those of a woman.

Sometimes, men will have enlarged breasts. As you know, the way hormones are, females are supposed to be the gender with the larger breasts. However, some men have issues with hormones, medications they are taking or just the natural growth of their bodies. As a result, they end up having larger breasts than most men do. This can detract from their sense of confidence, and it might make them feel less masculine. By opting for male breast reduction surgery, they can eliminate all of these problems.

In other cases, men might be experiencing pain or inconvenience due to their breasts. Having large breasts can put a strain on the back. This is actually a reason why many woman opt for breast reduction surgery. When men are constantly in pain because of the excess weight they are carrying in the front, breast reduction surgery can certainly be a solution.

Some people are worried about paying for the surgery, and they wonder how expensive it is going to be. Well, if you are having the surgery done for pain reasons, as just mentioned above, then your insurance may very well cover the procedure. Vanity reasons are generally more difficult to get covered by insurance as they really are elective surgeries. Still though, you need to look into your policy because all ones are different.

As with any surgery, risks are involved. People need to be sure that they are working with an incredible surgeon and that all of the risks have been explained. They should also be certain to see a visual of what the results will look like to ensure they are happy.


Posted by admin on June 30, 2013

In the initial consultation for liposuction, plastic surgeons evaluate the size of the unwanted fat for removal and the location of the fat. Undoubtedly, some areas of the body that have fat are more difficult to lose than others. In fact, genetics may make losing fat is some areas of the body virtually impossible.

Plastic surgeons will want to understand your fitness routine and diet to ensure that you have taken every step to remove unwanted fat through traditional techniques. So, prior to stepping into a plastic surgeon’s office for liposuction, be certain to dedicate six to eight weeks time of exercise and diet in order to take every type of precaution before undergoing a liposuction procedure.

The Exercise Component
Ask yourself the following questions to help identify your candidacy for liposuction treatment. The more questions you answer yes to, the greater the possibility that liposuction is right for you.

Body Fat: Have you tried cardiovascular exercise? Cardiovascular exercise is the only type of exercise that removes fat. In laymen terms, cardiovascular exercise elevates the heart rate and processes oxygen much for quickly and efficiently through all areas of the body. This oxygen works like fuel which dissolves unwanted fat. By the same token, muscle strength training has been known to significantly improve the

Knee Fat:  Have you tried fitness equipment such as the leg extension, leg curl and leg press first? Excessive fat on the knees may be improved through traditional means such as leg extension and leg press equipment exercises. This equipment builds the muscles underlying the fat and creates the appearance of strengthened muscles instead of fat.

Stomach Fat: Have you tried the abdominal crunch fitness equipment machine? Most often, stomach crunches alone may not be all that is required for the removal of unwanted abdominal fat. The stomach has a foundation of very strong muscles that may become lax over time. Lax muscles may lend the appearance of unwanted fat. For these reasons, the abdominal crunch machine which is located at some health fitness centers can be very useful for strengthening lax muscles and improving the appearance of fat on the abdomen.

Arm Fat: Have you tried free weight exercises? Fat located on the arm is another area that is a likely troublesome area for women and men. Arm fat may be improved through bicep and tricep curls with free weights that are individually appropriate in weight.

Leg Fat:  Have you tried inner and outer thigh machines, leg extension, leg curl and leg press? Fat located on the inner and outer thighs may be improved several ways. The inner and outer thigh fitness machine located at fitness centers helps to improve the appearance of thigh fat. The leg extension, leg curl and leg press are other types of fitness equipment that should be used in conjunction with the inner and outer thigh machine to improve the appearance of leg fat.

The Diet Factor
Exploring your diet regimen can also help contribute to the information that a plastic surgeon would require to know that liposuction is right for you. The more you answer yes, the greater the possibility that liposuction is right for you.

As if looking old wasn’t bad enough, a new study found that people find it difficult to read the emotions of individuals who have wrinkly faces. Researchers at Penn State University asked a group of study participants to examine 64 faces and rate them based on the emotions they perceived in the images. On average, pictures depicting older adults were rated as more angry or sad compared to the photos of younger people, despite the fact that every face photographed showed neutral emotions, .. continue reading ..

The Top Ten Reasons for Nose Surgery

Posted by admin on May 21, 2013

Nose Surgery is one of the most commonly requested procedures among women and men. It is also one of the most commonly requested procedures for adolescents. Since the nose is a central focal point on the face, it is important to evaluate the specific features of the nose in order to decide on the right approach to nose surgery. The At-Home approach to evaluating your reasons for nose surgery may be valuable because when you meet with a nose surgeon, he or she will take time to evaluate the precise features of the nose that are bothersome to you, including.

1. Lumps or bumps that may appear on the nose anytime after birth.
2. Nose depressions that appear as indentations on surfaces of the nose which may be present at birth or thereafter.
3. Nostrils of the nose that are very wide or conversely, very narrow.
4. Nostrils of the nose that appear to be too open on the nose.
5. Nose with pointed nasal tip.
6. Nose with flat nasal tip.
7. Nose with bulbous nasal tip.
8. Nose that is crooked in a frontal or side view.
9. Nose is off center in relation to the face.
10. Nose that is asymmetric in any other way.

If any of the above descriptions apply to your nose, you may be a candidate for nose surgery. Yet, this list is a partial list of qualifications that you must meet in order to be a candidate for nose surgery. Plastic surgeons will review medical history, medications that you are taking, maturation of the individual for surgery, as well as the extent of cartilage and bone that may be required to alter in order to achieve satisfactory results.

People interested in nose surgery are advised to seek out plastic surgeons that have extensive experience with nose surgery. People are also advised to research information about nose surgery through third party resources such as myatlantaplasticsurgeon.com. It’s also important to note that nose surgery will not provide perfection of the nose. Yet, most all people that undergo nose surgery are pleased with the outcome of the procedure.

Aging Hands- Treatment Is In

Posted by admin on May 13, 2013

First there came face. Then, there came body. Now, there it’s hands. For many years, plastic surgeons have had the ability to treat aging hands. But it has not been until now that women and men have become more interested in treating their aging hands.

Over time, hands may age in several ways. Skin on the hands becomes rough. Fat loss makes the hands look bony and frail. Wrinkles protrude from the skin. And underlying veins and blood vessels surface to the top of the skin. People over 50 are often noticed for their aging hands. In fact, some contend that the hands are the second most noticeable body part, the face being first. So, what are the choices for aging hands?

Both facial fillers and sclerotherapy have become popular for the treatment of aging hands, as follows. Injectibles: Some facial fillers are used to build volume in the hands. This lends the appearance of added fat. When a thick facial filler is injected properly, it will reduce the appearance of bones, wrinkles and veins. The results are immediate and may last for a year or more, depending upon the filler used in the procedure. Fillers offer a natural feel, like a gel. The cost is reasonable so patients usually do not mind returning for maintenance treatments.

Sclerotherapy: Sclerotherapy may be used to reduce the appearance of blood vessels and spider looking veins. Traditionally, sclerotherapy has been used to teat spider veins on the legs. More recently, sclerotherapy has been used in the hands to produce effective results. Repeat sessions may be required. Yet, the cost is reasonable so patients usually do not mind returning until sessions are complete.

Do your homework

Posted by admin on April 23, 2013

As with all surgical procedures, cosmetic or otherwise, it’s important that you do all of the research necessary to find a licensed, experienced plastic surgeon to perform breast augmentation. Because women will want the best, most precise procedure performed to minimize, if not eliminate, any complications, women will want only the best breast augmentation surgeon to be hired. It’s simple to use a search engine and find many qualified physicians. Never look for a doctor through the yellow pages and assume they are any good, however. You should make sure that you get a second and even third opinion and/or interview each breast implant physician to make sure that they are right for the job and know what they are doing.

There are two common types of breast implants: implants filled with silicone and implants filled with saline. Previously, saline was more popular because of initial restrictions of silicone and remains such today because during the procedure, a smaller cut is necessary to plant the implant. This is because silicone implants require that they be filled with the substance before being placed into the breasts, which will require a larger cut. Saline implants are able to be inserted through a smaller incision and can be filled up after they are securely placed within the breast tissue. Every person has heard of breast implants before, just as everyone has claimed that such and such celebrity has them. Breast augmentation with breast implants has become an increasingly popular medical procedure that women all over America look to receive. Because of the increasing popularity of the procedure, it is currently the most often performed cosmetic surgical procedure in all of America. This fact remains true even with the decreasing amount due to the troubling state of the economy. Breast augmentation with the use of breast implants can create an entirely new or rejuvenated body contour that a woman has been wanting. For more information about breast implants contact Dr Davoudi.

New Location!

Posted by admin on February 9, 2012

Due to increasing demand and requests from metropolitan Atlanta, Atlantic Center for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is proud to announce the extension of our current Gwinnett County practice to include our brand new location in the heart of Atlanta

258 Pharr Rd NE #4, Atlanta, GA 30305
(770) 817-9999

R.Morgan Davodui, MD, a Atlanta plastic surgeon continues his commitment to helping victims and potential sufferers of breast cancer with his involvement in The Sport of Giving and VolleyFest, an annual competition that has raised more than one million dollars to support breast cancer care and prevention in Atlanta and surrounding communities.

Begun in 2001 by Sheila Stevens, a woman who wanted to make a difference in people’s lives while honoring the spirit of her mother who had succumbed to cancer, VolleyFest originated as “Volley for a Cure,” and was brought to fruition by Stevens and friends from the TPC at Sugarloaf golf course. Since then, “Volley for a Cure” has been renamed “VolleyFest,” and has gone from a group of 56 women to more than 600 participants playing tennis at ten venues across the Atlanta area. As part of The Sport of Giving, VolleyFest involves friendly tennis competitions, breast health education, and speeches from survivors of breast cancer to help raise money and awareness.

Now called The Sport of Giving, VolleyFest is the tennis tournament component of a charity organization that also holds a Golf Invitational (SwingFest) and a 5K and 1-Mile Race (RunFest), spread out over a 5-week period in April and May, VolleyFest played at venues throughout the Atlanta area, continuing the nearly decade-long tradition of raising money to support breast cancer care and prevention.

Since its inception in 2001, VolleyFest, part of an annual breast cancer fundraiser and awareness event encompassing a variety of charity sporting competitions held around Atlanta. While providing needs and services to many area institutions and programs, including Gwinnett Medical Center, Northside Hospital Forsyth, and the Georgia Cancer Foundation.

As of 2008, The Sport of Giving reports that one million dollars in cumulative giving has been raised. As a direct result of the annual competition, more than $200,000 has been donated to Gwinnett Medical Center and $50,000 has been donated to Women’s Center Northside Forsyth Hospital.


Posted by admin on April 16, 2009

Allergan, Inc. hosted a star-studded event on Hollywood on March 28th to launch LATISSE™ Wishes, a charitable public awareness campaign designed to help make wishes come true. Actress Brooke Shields and beauty expert to the stars Anastasia Soare will lead the campaign to generate $1 million to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

The LATISSE™ Wishes campaign was borne out of the tradition of blowing on an eyelash to make a wish come true and leverages the excitement surrounding the availability of Allergan’s LATISSE™ (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03%, the first and only science-based prescription treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for hypotrichosis of the eyelashes (inadequate or not enough lashes) that is used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, fuller and darker. Read the Entire Story Here

Dr. Davoudi and the Staff here at The Atlantic Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is proud to offer LATISSE™, the first and only FDA-Approved prescription treatment for eyelashes. Be Sure you visit our LATISSE™ Page and see for youself why you should be using LATISSE™.

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