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What Is It?

Perlane is an injectable cosmetic filler. It has been used to soften lines on faces, and it can also fill in wrinkles and laugh lines, and also crow’s feet. It can also be used to augment lips, to fill in scars, and to fill out depressions on the face. Perlane is safe for both men and women.

What Is It Made Of?
Perlane is made of hyaluronic acid gel. It is stabilized, and it is not made from animal products. Because it is specially made, it is good for all people, and does not cause allergies. Hyaluronic acid is a chemical and is very resistant, and for this reason, Perlane can help to fill out spaces and wrinkles in just about anyone, and the results last over time. Perlane does not require any pre-tests for its use as other skin fillers do.

How Does It Work?
Perlane augments the body’s natural supply of hyaluronic acid, which goes down with age. It can fill in scars, lines, and wrinkles on any face. Perlane is not permanent, but results remain for up to 8 months after the injection into the face. Of all currently available temporary fillers, Perlane lasts much longer. Eight months is a long time to wait between dermatologic treatments.

What Is Its Advantage?
While many people used to get collagen injections, this is now out-of-date, and Perlane has arisen to fill the gap that the collagen injections left. It is much safer than collagen, and it also lasts much longer than collagen, so its advantages are many and it is a great addition to your dermatologic menu.

Can It Be Used With Other Products?
Yes. It is possible to use Perlane along with other cosmetic or dermatologic products, including Botox.

What Areas Can Be Treated?
Perlane can be used on scarring, to improve contour, to decrease wrinkles, and to reduce lines or depressions on the face.

What Conditions Can Be Treated?
Perlane can treat wrinkles, fine lines, lips (as enhancer), crease line, chins (as increaser), cheek depressions, lip borders, acne scars, hollow eyes, and facial depressions.

When Do You See The Effects?
The benefits appear after 4-8 months. You may need a touch-up every 6 months or so on lips and chin to keep up with the benefits of Perlane.

What Is The Advantage?
Perlane is not permanent, and it is natural. The natural bodily chemical in Perlane fills up the tissue. All effects look completely natural.

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