Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian Butt Lift, or, fat transfer to the buttocks, is a surgical procedure that removes unwanted fat from areas of the body such as the abdomen and flanks and places it in the buttock region. A fat transfer is considered a major surgery and is performed under general anesthesia by double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. R. Morgan Davoudi, MD, FACS at free standing AAAA outpatient surgical centers in hospitals in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

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Ideal Candidate

You’re a great candidate for a fat transfer if you have unwanted excess fat in the abdomen, flanks and posterior flank areas (also known as “love handles”) and desire a larger and more shapely buttock.


We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Davoudi in our Duluth offices. During your visit, you will meet with Dr. Davoudi for a physical examination to determine what results can realistically be achieved during your Brazilian butt lift procedure. During this time, you have the opportunity to address any questions you may have about the surgery, recovery and results. Upon completion, you will receive a pricing quotation and select your surgery date.


Your final results depend both on the amount of fat harvested and injected as well as your natural frame. Dr. Davoudi artistically sculpts the buttock region to a shape, size and projection that flatters your figure. Many of our patients are amazed to find their abdomen, waist and butt have been transformed into beautiful, eye-catching curves.


Can I combine my BBL procedure with any other procedure?

Absolutely! During your consultation with Dr. Davoudi, you may discuss combining both the breast and tummy tuck procedure, as well as additional liposuction, with your BBL.

What is the typical recovery time after surgery?

All fat transfer patients must refrain from sitting for three weeks. You are provided with a special BBL pillow before your surgery that will enable you to sit down without putting pressure on your buttock region. Keeping your body weight off your treatment site allows the harvested fat to find blood supply in its new area. Once the fat has connected with sufficient supply, you will be able to sit again without the risk of destroying the newly-placed cells.

During the recovery period, you will also refrain from smoking and heavy exercises. You will leave your surgery in a special compression garment that will help contain the swelling in your liposuction areas and support your BBL in maintaining the beautiful shape Dr. Davoudi created. Taking light walks and performing moderate activity, along with a healthy diet rich in protein, fiber and vitamins, will aid in tissue healing.

Two weeks post procedure, you will visit our office and meet with our nurse. She will check your incision sites as well as monitor your healing progress. You will start to notice your swelling and bruising begin to decrease and you will only be one week away from being able to sit and lay down again.

Are there risks associated with surgery?

Dr. Davoudi performs all of his surgeries in free standing AAAA certified outpatient centers in hospitals in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Dr. Davoudi, MD, FACS is an award-winning double-board certified plastic surgeon with nearly 20 years of experience. Having your procedure performed by a highly-skilled surgeon in a hospital setting adds an extra layer of assurance you’re in the best hands and in the safest environment.

What is the cost of having a BBL with Dr. Davoudi?

Dr. Davoudi gives a thorough examination during your consultation. He will assess which areas of your body he can successfully harvest the best fat for transfer. Based on his assessment, you will receive a quotation for the cost of your surgery, which also includes OR and anesthesia fees, perioperative care, etc.