Breast Revision

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Breast Revision Altanta, GA

What is Breast Revision? Breast revision surgeries, also known as breast implant replacement surgeries, are performed only on patients already fitted with breast implants. There are many reasons that you may need Dr. Davoudi to complete a revision surgery:

  • Implant removal
  • Complications
  • Transition to a larger or smaller implant size
  • Transition to a different type of implant

The exact surgery performed varies, depending on the reason the revision is requested. Dr. Davoudi has the skill and experience to correct complications, and he is always willing to discuss changes that may make you more comfortable with your implants.

Ideal Candidate

Some patients come to Dr. Davoudi to discuss revision surgery because they are unhappy with breast implants received at an earlier date. In some cases, there are complications that prompt patients to have their implants removed. In other cases, patients decide to move to a smaller or larger sized implant because their lifestyles have changed. Patients may also decide that they want a different type of breast implant than what they originally received.

It’s natural for breast tissue to lose elasticity with age, and your breasts can start to sag and lose firmness after drastic weight gain or weight loss. Add the devastating impact of pregnancy and breastfeeding, and you see why there is a need for breast revision surgery. You may also consider a revision if you experience complications with your original implants.

If you have implants and are unsatisfied with the way they look or feel, you should schedule a consultation today. The best candidates are non-smokers in good health. It’s best if you reach your ideal body weight before requesting revision surgery because fluctuations in weight do have an impact on the size, shape and firmness of breasts.


The results you enjoy will depend on the type of breast revision surgery completed. Dr. Davoudi always strives to create natural shapes and sizes that fit with each patient’s goals and expectations.


Breast Revision Altanta, GA

During the initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to explain what problems you’re experiencing with your implants or what changes you would like to make and the reasons for doing so at this time. Dr. Davoudi will take pictures of your breasts and use 3D computer technology while performing a complete examination. He will tell you what type of revision surgery may deliver the results you want and will give you his personal recommendations. If you choose to have the surgery, he will discuss the procedure in detail and help you set realistic goals and expectations.

You will return approximately two weeks before your surgery date to receive instructions on how to prepare for the surgery. Dr. Davoudi will answer all of your questions during both of these consultations, ensuring you have the information needed to make sound decisions for your body.

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What Surgical Options Does Dr. R. Morgan Davoudi Offer?

The procedures used during your surgery will depend on what you want to achieve. Here are some of the more common complications that require revision surgery:

* Capsular contracture (hardened implants)
* Implant rippling
* Incorrect positioning
* Sagging nipples or areolas

Dr. Davoudi will examine your breasts during your initial consultation and determine the best way to fix these problems or any other problem you may experience. If you simply want to change implant sizes, he will help you determine the correct size so that future revisions are unnecessary.

The original incision sites are reopened in most cases, preventing you from experiencing additional scarring. If you decide to replace your implants with a different size, Dr. Davoudi may need to change the size of the pocket inside your breast to accommodate the new implants. You will discuss all of these options plus others during your complimentary consultation.

What is the Cost of Surgery?

Breast revision is a customized surgery with varying costs. Schedule your personalized consultation to get an exact cost based on your revision needs.

What Risks are Associated with Breast Revision Surgery?

The risks for revision surgery are similar to those experienced during your initial breast implant surgery. You may experience soreness, itching and other temporary side effects, and infection is a risk if you don’t follow post-surgical care procedures. Dr. Davoudi will inform you of all risks involved with your surgery during your initial consultation.

To protect all of our patients, breast revision surgeries are performed in a surgical center connected to a hospital.

Can You Combine Other Surgeries with Breast Revision?

Some patients receive a breast lift to remove excess tissue and add firmness to the breast while corrections are made to their implants. There are other procedures that may occur during a revision, depending on what you’re trying to achieve with the surgery. You will discuss all of your options during your consultation with Dr. Davoudi.

What is the Typical Recovery Time after Surgery?

The terms of your recovery may vary depending on the nature of your surgery. In general terms, patients may return to light activity after a week of recovery, and more strenuous activities are resumed approximately one month after the surgery. You should have relief from the bruising, swelling, itching and pain within three weeks.

You will receive specific post-op care instructions before receiving your surgery, but you can plan to wear compression garments and take antibiotics to prevent infection. You may also need to sleep with your chest elevated to control swelling and pain.