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Only 22 miles north of Atlanta, Alpharetta offers a full range of attractions, great schools, reasonable lodging costs and memorable Southern appeal, while staying near Atlanta’s worldwide bosses — some portion of the explanation Forbes magazine picked Alpharetta as the country’s No. 1 “reloville” in 2017 Alpharetta has a fantastic personal satisfaction, the city is loaded up with a scope of uncommon private neighborhoods. From swim and tennis networks to urban lofts to neighborhoods with a feeling of history, Alpharetta has everything. We welcome our residents and guests to find the particular character of every area. Alongside eateries, parks and amusement scenes, you’ll discover an assortment of neighborhood associations, municipal clubs, business affiliations and volunteer chances, too.

You deserve it the opportunity to investigate the humble community, memorable appeal of downtown Alpharetta. The region brags a mixed blend diners, shops and displays and fills in as a center for music, workmanship and road celebrations consistently.


In the core of Alpharetta, Avalon is something other than a spot to shop, see a film and eat. It’s the spot to be. This upscale goal feels progressively like a town hang-out, with streetlights, walkways, wellsprings and a focal park space that can house artists or convert to a beautiful skating arena during the Christmas season. It’s home to occupants, investment properties and a full-administration inn (coming in Phase II). Avalon is a center point of neighborhood culture and action that conveys the advantage of the cutting edge South.

North Point Mall

North Point Mall is the territory’s chief strip mall with over 1.3 million square feet of retail space. Inside you’ll discover all the most well known retail and eating choices. Simply outside the shopping center, you’ll likewise discover two cinema edifices, an ice and roller skating office and a wide scope of eateries.

Ameris Bank Amphitheater

Wills Park

Wills Park is Alpharetta’s biggest park with baseball fields, tennis courts, a pool, a canine park, circle green, structures, play areas, an amusement community, an extraordinary occasion setting and a connecting 50-section of land Equestrian Center. The recreation center has a full schedule of occasions and instructional projects consistently.

Large Creek Greenway

The Big Creek Greenway is an excellent straight preservation park including a 12-foot wide, 8-mile long solid way that wanders through the forested areas along Big Creek, corresponding to North Point Parkway, from Windward Parkway at Marconi Drive on the north end to Mansell Road on the south end. Home to blue heron, deer, ducks and Canadian geese, the scenic route offers a tranquil break from city life. It’s the ideal setting for strolling, running, inline rollerblading and mountain biking.

Set on 45 sections of land of lush land in Alpharetta, Ameris Bank Amphitheater gives an exceptional combining with a good soundtrack sweethearts. It’s a wonderful, park-like environment for concertgoers to appreciate music encompassed by enormous legacy trees, plants and blossoms. It seats 7,000 under an unmistakable fan-formed rooftop and another 5,000 on the grass, under the stars.

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