Breast Lift With Augmentation

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Breast Lift With Augmentation Atlanta, GA

What is a Breast Lift with Augmentation? Breast lift surgery, also called a mastopexy, gives sagging breasts a lift and a touch of firmness so that they look and feel more youthful. Breast augmentation surgery is commonly referred to as breast implant surgery and adds volume to the breasts by inserting saline or silicone implants. When these two surgeries are combined into one, it’s called a breast lift with augmentation. The goal is to lift the breasts while adding firmness and volume all at once.

In most cases, the procedures are combined into one surgical session. The lift is accomplished by removing excess skin, and then the remaining breast tissue is tightened before the breast implant is placed. If the areola has enlarged over time, Dr. Davoudi may perform a nipple diameter reduction to create a natural look. You enjoy all benefits of both surgeries with less recovery time, and less recovery time means less interruption from your daily life.

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Ideal Candidate

Some women are born with big breasts while others learn how to stuff a bra early. As time moves on, every woman is a potential candidate for a breast lift with augmentation surgery. Those with naturally large breasts may start to notice sagging and increased softness after childbirth and weight fluctuations. Since all breasts lose elasticity with age, women with naturally small breasts may also notice sagging. They may decide to give themselves a treat by perking up their breasts and adding a cup size or two while in the process.

Healthy women with an interest in restoring the vibrancy and youthfulness of their breasts are typically good candidates for this surgery. If you notice that your areolas are larger than they once were and are starting to point more toward the ground than the wall, it’s time to give our office a call.


A breast lift with augmentation can contour, firm and rejuvenate your breasts so that you feel more confident and love what you see in the mirror. You can expect larger breasts that look more youthful but which also appear natural. The majority of patients receiving this procedure are happy with the results and feel that the short recovery period is more than worth the final results.


Your initial consultation will give Dr. Davoudi a chance to examine your breasts, discuss your problems and expectations, and then explain his surgical recommendations to solve those problems. He will take pictures of your breasts as they are today and use 3D computer analysis to get a more in-depth view. Once he has a good idea of what he needs to do in order to make your breasts perkier, firmer and shapelier, he will discuss his recommendations.

Breast Lift With Augmentation Atlanta, GA

If a breast lift with augmentation is the best option for you, Dr. Davoudi will explain the procedure and answer all of your questions. It’s natural to have questions, and this is your opportunity to get a thorough explanation so that you can make a healthy decision for your body. He will also discuss the risk associated with breast surgery.

If you decide to have the surgery, you will come back to our office for a pre-op consultation approximately two weeks prior to your surgery date. You will meet with Dr. Davoudi to discuss the procedure once again, and you may meet with the anesthesia team and lab. You will learn about your responsibilities during recovery and receive instructions to prepare your body for the surgery.

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What Surgical Options Does Dr. R. Morgan Davoudi Offer?

Breast lift with augmentation surgeries are completed in different ways, depending on each individual case. Factors such as the amount of excess skin that needs removed will determine where Dr. Davoudi places the incisions and where the implants are placed. Implants are sometimes placed underneath the muscle, but in some cases, it’s best to put them behind the natural breast tissue to add more fullness to the final results.

You will also have to decide whether you want silicone implants that contain gel or saline implants that contain saltwater. Silicone implants are popular because they look the most natural and are softer. Saline implants are chosen by women concerned that their implants may burst because saltwater is harmless in case of a rupture. You will discuss these options with Dr. Davoudi during your initial consultation.

What is the Cost of Surgery?

The exact cost of breast lift surgery with augmentation varies, depending on a variety of factors. You can call our office to discuss a broad range of prices, or schedule your complimentary consultation to receive an exact price based on your personal needs. Online consultations are now available if you find that more convenient.

What Risks are Associated with this Surgery?

Immediately after the surgery, you may experience some or all of the following:

* Soreness
* Swelling
* Bruising
* Itching

These are temporary side effects that will go away within weeks of the surgery. Breast surgeries also come with some minor side effects like infection. The risk increases if you don’t follow the post-operative care instructions given by our staff. Dr. Davoudi will discuss all risks of the surgery during your initial consultation.

For the safety of our patients, all breast surgeries are completed in outpatient surgery centers connected to a hospital. We strive to keep every patient as comfortable and safe as possible from the initial consultation to the last follow-up appointment.

Can You Combine Other Surgeries with a Breast Lift with Augmentation?

Breast lift with augmentation surgery is a combination of two breast surgeries. If you are interested in another surgery, discuss your options with Dr. Davoudi during your initial consultation.

What is the Typical Recovery Time after Surgery?

In most cases, patients return to their daily routine approximately one week after surgery. The breasts may remain tender, swollen, itchy or bruised for a few weeks, and you should refrain from participating in vigorous physical activities for one month. You will receive additional instructions fro post-surgical care during your pre-op consultation. Make sure you keep your follow-up appointments so that Dr. Davoudi can ensure your breasts are healing properly.