Face Lift

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At our Georgia office, facelift surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure because of its flexibility and effectiveness. If you have wrinkles or loose and sagging facial skin, a facelift procedure may be the perfect solution for you. The facelift surgery procedure rejuvenates and refreshes the face and can take years from your age. In fact, some of our patients have been told they look 10 to 15 years younger!

Depending on your individual needs, at our Georgia facility, facelift is usually completed within two to five hours. During a traditional facelift procedure, an incision is made along the hairline and the ear. The doctor then manipulates, adjusts and lifts the skin and removes excess fat.

With the rapid advances being made in cosmetic surgery, many variations to the facelift procedure have emerged. After a thorough examination and consultation at our Georgia office, several facelift surgery techniques will be discussed and Dr. R. Morgan Davoudi will determine which method will work best for you.

Dr. Davoudi will evaluate your face, including the skin and underlying bone. Discuss your goals with Dr. Davoudi. Dr. Davoudi will check for medical problems such as high blood pressure, blood clotting problems, or the tendency to form excessive scars. You will be asked to stop smoking for few weeks before and after the surgery as it inhibits blood flow to the skin and healing process. You will be asked to stop taking aspirin for it effects clotting.

Before and After Photos

A facelift is usually done on an out patient basis, but some surgeons may hospitalize the patient for a day when using general anesthesia. Most facelift procedures are performed under local anesthesia combined with a sedative to make you drowsy.

A facelift usually takes several hours. The incisions are started above the hair line at the temples, extend in the natural line in front of the ear, and continue behind the ear lobe to the lower scalp. A small incision is made under the chin, if the neck needs work.

Dr. Davoudi separates the skin from the fat and muscle below. Fat is either trimmed or suctioned from around the neck and chin to improve contour. Then the underlying muscle and membrane is tightened, the skin is pulled back and excess skin is removed. Stitches secure the layers of tissue and close the incisions. Metal clips may be used on the scalp. After the surgery a drain tube is placed under the skin behind the ear to drain any blood that might collect there. The head may be loosely wrapped in bandages to minimize bruising and swelling.

If there is any discomfort it can be minimized with pain medication. Numbness of the skin is quite normal and will disappear in a month. To keep the swelling down your head should be kept elevated and still for a couple of days. Drain tube and bandages will be removed after one to five days. Your face may appear bruised and puffy but in a few weeks you will look normal. Stitches will be removed after five days. The scalp will take longer to heal. Patients are back to work in about ten days after surgery. By the third week you will look and feel much better.