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College Park has the fourth biggest urban architecturally significant area in Georgia with 867 structures on the National Historic Register, from homes, landmarks and places of worship to government structures and a railroad station. Top businesses in the city incorporate the Federal Aviation Administration and Woodward Academy, one of the metro territory’s best autonomous schools.


College Park gives the best of the two universes – a humble community air inside one of the quickest developing metropolitan territories in the nation. The most recent U.S. Registration figures set the city’s populace at 14,959. Businesses, in any case, may exploit a metropolitan work power of more than 3,000,000 or more.

Work Options

A very much kept up and advantageous parkway framework, alongside broad fast rail and transport courses, empowers laborers to get to a wide scope of business choices.


The middle property estimation in College Park, GA is $155,500, and the homeownership rate is

26.2%. Starting at 2016 College Park has 7,936 lodging units, with numerous new improvements right now in progress.

Joblessness Rates

• Fulton County – 3.7%

• State of Georgia – 4.1%

Data is dependent on monetary information from the U.S. Registration Bureau

College Park History

Named one of Atlanta Magazine’s “Best Places To Call Home” in April 2003, the City of College Park has gotten one of the most energizing networks in the more prominent metropolitan Atlanta territory in which to live. A settled network with a distinction all its own, College Park, situated close to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Interstates I-85 and I-285, the CSX Railroad and Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), occupants and guests the same will find this renewed City offers the best of Southern friendliness in its city administrations, nearby cafés, dwelling facilities, parks and amusement, and network occasions.


School Park has all the advantages of an enormous city, while safeguarding the neighborliness of an old neighborhood. Its closeness to Atlanta furnishes occupants and guests the same with simple access to schools and colleges, shopping and different spots of intrigue. The city additionally gloats being home to the largestindependent school in the mainland United States, Woodward Academy, just as The Main Street Academy, a K-8 open sanction school gladly serving the Tri-Cities territory.

The region that is currently southwest Fulton was initially Campbell County, however it was converged into neighboring Fulton County on January 1, 1932.

Truly, a significant part of the southwestern-most area of Fulton was viewed as a “town” called Rico, with different networks, including Goodes, Rivertown, County Line, and Pumpkintown, likewise inside the new city’s boundaries.

The possibility of the zone as “Chattahoochee Hills” is later, and became out of endeavors to consolidate all of Fulton County into urban communities following the 2005 joining of Sandy Springs, just as increasingly neighborhood endeavors to assume responsibility for the nearby zoning in the multi-province Chattahoochee Hill Country territory.

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College Park Plastic Surgeon

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