5 Things To Do In Atlanta GA

Apart from calling Atlanta a sightseer’s dream, the city is also known as a commercial hub. The city is a home to special entertainment centers such as Fox Theater, scenic green places like Piedmont Park, zoo exhibitions and much more. However, there are other amazing things to do in the city as well.

Centennial Olympic Park:

The Centennial Olympic Park is an amazing place to visit while in Atlanta. It is located between the CNN Center and the Georgia Aquarium. This twenty-one-acre of land display fountains, pools, artwork and lush routes of grass. The emanation of this lovely park became a reality due to the 1996 Olympic Games. This park is currently one of the most visited sections of the city. The two hundred and fifty-one water jets of the Fountain Rings remain one of the most remarkable features of the park.

Zoo Atlanta:

The panda population has remained the most unique feature that separates the Atlanta zoo from other wildlife locations. In the United States of America, the zoo in this city is among the 4 locations where you can find huge pandas. Guests from different nations often like to visit the city just to see big bears population. Another important thing about this zoo is that you can also find a variety of other species of wildlife. Guests can also find reptiles, zebras, black rhinos, giraffes and even lions. A rock climbing wall, a carousel, a miniature train and a host of other recreations games can be found on the zoo.

World of Coca-Cola:

For people who like the most well-known drink in the globe, then the World of Coca-Cola is a place to visit. The classic location can be easily found near the Georgia Aquarium. One amazing thing about this elegant attraction is that it’s only designed for Coke. The historical milestones of Coca-Cola start by visiting the two-level property. This is due to Coca-Cola’s role in the bottling process and its role in the pop world. In North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, people can find over one hundred different varieties of Coke.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Center:

A visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center will help you follow the model of one of the most important personality in the US history. The civil right leader called Martin Luther King Jr. birthplace is located in the historic site. Visitors will also see the church where King displayed his pastoral strength. Nonviolent Social Change is another area that can be found next to Martin Luther King’s grave.

Atlanta History Center:

The Atlanta History Center is located in Buckhead. This is one of the most well-known sectors of the city. The facility is also designed across thirty-three acres of land, where people can feed their eyes with amazing structures. Through trails, gardens, historic homes and comprehensive exhibitions, this unique center tries to display Georgia’s previous glory. The Atlanta History Museum remains the key feature of the center. The museum will help you discover the life of Native American culture and the region’s history.

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