Aging Hands

First there came face. Then, there came body. Now, there it’s hands. For many years, plastic surgeons have had the ability to treat aging hands. But it has not been until now that women and men have become more interested in treating their aging hands.

Over time, hands may age in several ways. Skin on the hands becomes rough. Fat loss makes the hands look bony and frail. Wrinkles protrude from the skin. And underlying veins and blood vessels surface to the top of the skin. People over 50 are often noticed for their aging hands. In fact, some contend that the hands are the second most noticeable body part, the face being first. So, what are the choices for aging hands?

Both facial fillers and sclerotherapy have become popular for the treatment of aging hands, as follows. Injectibles: Some facial fillers are used to build volume in the hands. This lends the appearance of added fat. When a thick facial filler is injected properly, it will reduce the appearance of bones, wrinkles and veins. The results are immediate and may last for a year or more, depending upon the filler used in the procedure. Fillers offer a natural feel, like a gel. The cost is reasonable so patients usually do not mind returning for maintenance treatments.

Sclerotherapy: Sclerotherapy may be used to reduce the appearance of blood vessels and spider looking veins. Traditionally, sclerotherapy has been used to teat spider veins on the legs. More recently, sclerotherapy has been used in the hands to produce effective results. Repeat sessions may be required. Yet, the cost is reasonable so patients usually do not mind returning until sessions are complete.

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