Male Breast Reduction Surgery

When you envision a patient going in for breast reduction surgery, you almost always picture a female. This is not a surprise since many of the patients who opt for this type of procedure are women. However, male breast reduction surgery is something that exists as well. It operates in a very similar fashion. The patient goes in to have his breasts reduced. The reasons for doing so might be similar to different from those of a woman.

Sometimes, men will have enlarged breasts. As you know, the way hormones are, females are supposed to be the gender with the larger breasts. However, some men have issues with hormones, medications they are taking or just the natural growth of their bodies. As a result, they end up having larger breasts than most men do. This can detract from their sense of confidence, and it might make them feel less masculine. By opting for male breast reduction surgery, they can eliminate all of these problems.

In other cases, men might be experiencing pain or inconvenience due to their breasts. Having large breasts can put a strain on the back. This is actually a reason why many woman opt for breast reduction surgery. When men are constantly in pain because of the excess weight they are carrying in the front, breast reduction surgery can certainly be a solution.

Some people are worried about paying for the surgery, and they wonder how expensive it is going to be. Well, if you are having the surgery done for pain reasons, as just mentioned above, then your insurance may very well cover the procedure. Vanity reasons are generally more difficult to get covered by insurance as they really are elective surgeries. Still though, you need to look into your policy because all ones are different.

As with any surgery, risks are involved. People need to be sure that they are working with an incredible surgeon and that all of the risks have been explained. They should also be certain to see a visual of what the results will look like to ensure they are happy.

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