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Chemical Peels

The skin is the only organ of the body directly exposed to the damaging effects of the sun, weather and other environmental elements. Over time, these factors can damage the skin’s outer layer resulting in wrinkles, fine lines and spots. Atlantic Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery offers a variety of chemical peels to enhance the texture of the skin. Chemical peels can help reduce wrinkles, acne scars and fine lines.

Glycolic Acid Peel

Glycolic Acid is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane. Glycolic is the simplest in structure and the lowest in molecular weight which means it is easy for it to penetrate your skin and be super effective. Glycolic Acid helps to rid dead skin cells stimulating fibroblasts in the dermis to produce increased amounts of collagen this allows the skin to feel firmer. The benefit of a Glycolic Acid Peel reduces the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, reduces chronic and repetitive acne outbreaks, rejuvenates skin and reduces pore size.

TCA Peel (Trichloracetic Acid)

Trichloracetic Acid improves your skins appearance by removing dead skin cells and stimulating new skin cell growth. TCA Peels causes a superficial wound to the skin that takes approximately 5-7 days to heal. TCA is designed to remove damaged imperfections of the skin such as age spots, fine lines, rough skin, freckles, sun damage, crow’s feet, chicken pox and other superficial scars.

Schedule an appointment with cosmetic surgeon Dr. R. Morgan Davoudi at our Atlanta area office to learn more about chemical peels.

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